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Construction - Renovation

Based on the report prepared each time, a detailed inventory of materials and work, which takes an increasingly important role in the process, that the offer is beginning to exact price and closed for the entire project. The manufacturing process is controlled by the staff of the company and ensuring financial-time-delivery of the project within budget, control the integrity of addressing any construction.

The specialized personnel DCSE is always «at work», to ensure the smooth progress of work and the proper application of architectural design at all stages. Thus, limiting the involvement of the client to a minimum, given the opportunity to save time exploitable beneficial for business.


Unique - Woman clothing - Perama 11/2009
Manuel - Sofia, Bulgaria
Giarimagas - Alexandroupolis
La Finesse - Samos
Pangiotarakos - Thessaloniki
24 Self Video - Franchise Video CLub
Nikolis - Showroom Athens - Exhibition Stand
Karagogos - Showroom and Office area
BMW Papadopoulos S.A. - Thessaloniki


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