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DCSE - F.Kyrtopoulos & Co offers you the opportunity to make your payments via winbank easypay, an innovative service for electronic payments and receipts for all.

The service created and offered by Piraeus Bank in order to give everyone the opportunity to make or receive remote payments simply, quickly and securely through a single site.   

Pay through winbank easypay

Meet winbank easypay service and change the way you pay today! Through winbank easypay your payment is done easily and quickly...

Now all you can run your payments remotely, whether you're a customer of Bank of Piraeus or not, through a single site with a few simple "steps":

  1. Enter the web site of easypay or call 801 802 803 804
  2. Select payment you want to perform and complete the necessary data
  3. Pay with any credit card, Visa or MasterCard and Visa debit or through your bank account in Piraeus Bank.

In addition become a registered user of the service and get thorough personal service and facilities provided to you...

  • Watch your payment History.
  • Give instructions for post-dated and recurring payments.
  • Store information specific payment Friends Name.
  • Create and manage your own Profile.
  • And more...

Select winbank easypay on your payments and save:

  • Convenience and time.. Choose to run your payments by a single space, distance, 24 hours, without losing time in traffic and 'tails'
  • Speed.Your payment is performed quickly and directly contacted the success of your payment.
  • Security.All payments executed on secure electronic payment systems of winbank Piraeus Bank.
  • Service. The call center service is always at your disposal for any information, clarification or assistance in carrying out your payments.
  • Preferential Pricing in costs for payment. All payments shall be no extra charge from winbank easypay.


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