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For an ideal Selling Point. Metrika is the original furnishing system conceived by Logika to create mixed and customized selling spaces, able to satisfy the wide demand of the most different market sectors.

Clean shapes, functionality and light aesthetic are the distinctive features of this furnishing system. Metrika foresee the employment of wall modular panels without fixing to the floor, offering a complete wide range of accessories, hanging bars and shelves, specific displaying units for any room center spot, all created to display a wide range of products: from clothes to shoes, small domestic appliances and gift articles.

Metrika allows to fit displaying zones and comfortable stock storage cases, adopting with rationality and elegance all the spaces available, in order to highlight the products exhibited, arousing customers’ curiosity and interest and granting an ergonomic comfortable shape to make easier the daily retailing work. Assembling and dismantling are easy and quick and consent to accomplish every kind of exhibiting requirements, offering always new settings.

Metrika style and versatility offers fancy inspiration to architects and to interior designers to create trendy environment solutions, according the most modern criteria for managing space and color matching.



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