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Skacco is the new line of shop fitting system proposed by Logika: innovative and functional system that "break the rules" of the Traditional merchandising.

Skacco combining, alternating panels in different shades of colors, materials and finishes, and different shapes (square and rectangular), creates an environment ideal for promoting the goods on display, embedded in a harmonious and attractive way . The exclusive patented fastening system makes it possible to equip the display wall both horizontally and vertically, through 90 rotation of the accessories. The ease in mounting and dismounting allows the panels, according to the needs and opportunities of the decoration, in time to devise new approaches and of varying configurations, re-using panels or increasing the number available.

Skacco is intended for non-food sector, is designed with a rich array of accessories, designed to expose and enhance a wide range of products from clothing to footwear, leather goods as gifts.

Skacco is a modular multi-purpose and revolutionary to furnish any exhibit space:his own versatility, expressed by multiple composition solutions and the large supply

accessory, lets architects and designers to creative solutions to achieve high aesthetic results and great originality.



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